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Hubilia Academy

Hubilia's experience is based on a high number of organized Academies, best responds to the constantly evolving market methodologies.

The innovative approach based on teamwork has shown greater effectiveness than traditional training methods.
The academies are aimed both at students who are entering the world of IT work by providing the necessary skills to successfully carry out professions based on innovative technologies, and at professionals who want to increase the opportunity for professional growth.

The teaching environment is made up of people who have been working in the IT world for many years, who can therefore not only transfer skills, but also give a methodological approach based on the experience gained in the sector.

The Academies are full time courses with compulsory attendance and participation is free of charge.

Non stop learning with Hubilia Academy

Hubilia builds ad hoc paths over all the technologies on the market. We deliver and design together with the Academy partners in the development of Backend, frontend, Mobile technologies and on the figures of Business Analysis, testing, Business Intelligence, SAP, Data Scientist and IT Security, covering all the mandatory aspects related to legal aspects.


Thanks to our network of business partners, we are able to fill the gap between school / university preparation with the world of work.

Academy design

Leveraging our experience in the IT world, we are experts in the planning, analysis and design of training programs for undergraduates and recent graduates in technical-scientific and engineering disciplines. Create your academy with us. Send an email to info@hubilia.com

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