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Main IT specialization
  • Business Analyst - 35%
  • Developers - 65%

Hubilia Training Lab

Hubilia courses are aimed to engineers, professionals and scientific profile. The structure and organization are built ad hoc in agreement with our partners.
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Hubilia is the digital innovation partner for companies that have new perspectives, new initiatives and that have people oriented as strength, placing and focusing on the IT world talents.

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  • How do the selections happen?

    Hubilia Training lab focuses on the highest quality. To achieve high reliability of the output profile, we need to make accurate selections. That’s why the selection process is based on several steps. First interview with the aim of presenting the company and understanding your profile and your needs. The second interview is a deep dive in the skills of your background and your potential. Finally, we choose the best profiles together with our partners.

  • How long do the selections last?

    The selections are closely linked to the start of the Hubilia Training Lab. Based on the needs of our partners, we immediately communicate the end of the current course selections.

  • Is it possible to have a personal or telephone interview?

    The quality of the course is closely linked to the professional background of the people who participate. There initial selections can start using collaboration systems; the next step needs a face-to-face interview for investigate the technical skills.

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Main Goals

We combine many years of experience in the world of Training with the ability to capitalize on direct knowledge in the fields of Business Analysis and IT, translating them into teamwork training approaches.

Our training lab allow Hubilia to support Clients and Partners, driving them with ad hoc training courses, designed to meet specific needs.

Training Innovation

Software development life cycle phases in where our talents can express the best of their preparation

Ciclo di vita del software
Our training labs are tailored to the specific Partners needs



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