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Digital Customer Research

Digital Customer Research

The Digital Customer Research service sees Hubilia involved in the dimension of research support driven by a specific customer need. Hubilia DCR includes the following phases:
  • 1) Definition and drafting of a digital research of needed profile

    The ad is tailored to the company requesting (subject to customer approval). We don’t use preconfigured advertising;

  • 3) Received CVs screening and contact of profiles with the customer needed skills

    In this process stage, the candidate can understand the hiring company. A check about the real motivation for job research ...

  • 5) Candidates selection

    Once the company has shortened the list of candidats, can continue the selection process in the next stages (contacts, technical ...

  • 2) Launch of the announcement on Hubilia research portals

    Once the researched person has been defined, Hubilia will take care of publishing on its search platforms the customer shared ...

  • 4) Weekly research report

    On a weekly basis Weekly, Hubilia will report the customer about the status of the research process. With this reporting ...

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