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Digital Customer Research

Digital Customer Research

The Digital Customer Research service sees Hubilia involved in the dimension of research support driven by a specific customer need. Hubilia DCR includes the following phases:
  • 1) Definition and drafting of a digital research of needed profile

    The ad is tailored to the company requesting (subject to customer approval). We don’t use preconfigured advertising;

  • 3) Received CVs screening and contact of profiles with the customer needed skills

    In this process stage, the candidate can understand the hiring company. A check about the real motivation for job research candidacy and his contractual target conditions is performed

  • 5) Candidates selection

    Once the company has shortened the list of candidats, can continue the selection process in the next stages (contacts, technical and aptitude interviews, economic offer). N.B. These activities are in charge of the customer

  • 2) Launch of the announcement on Hubilia research portals

    Once the researched person has been defined, Hubilia will take care of publishing on its search platforms the customer shared advertisement.

  • 4) Weekly research report

    On a weekly basis Weekly, Hubilia will report the customer about the status of the research process. With this reporting activity is possible to understand the number of applications received, the not relevant application and the number of relevant profiles contacted and the related outcome

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