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General conditions - Hubilia


These General Conditions have as their object the supply by Hubilia srl ​​of the training services listed in the course catalog published online in favor of customers (natural or legal persons) or dedicated to a single customer (Company Courses) who intend to participate in the manner and in the terms described here. Enrollment in the courses implies acceptance by the customer of these general conditions

How to register
It is possible to register by email by writing to info@hubilia.com
The registration request must be received at least 10 (ten) days before the start of the course.
It is advisable to check the availability of places by telephone with the organizing secretariat. Hubilia will be responsible for confirming enrollment via email 5 (five) working days before the start of the course.

Terms of payment

The accepted payment methods are:
Bank transfer
Credit card

Subscription fee
The registration fee is per person and net of VAT and includes: teaching material, the use of the teaching room equipped with a workstation for each student and the material necessary for the exercises (where provided) and the Free Internet service.

Acceptance of registration and payment methods
Acceptance of registration is subject to payment of the participation fee. Payment must be in force from the start date of the course. The methods of payment accepted are bank transfer, credit card. The data for customer billing must be indicated in the registration form.

Course cancellation
Hubilia reserves the right to cancel or change the date of a course with 7 (seven) days’ notice. In this case, the registration fee will be fully refunded or transferred, at the customer’s request, to other initiatives. Any other form of compensation in favor of the customer by Hubilia is expressly excluded.

Waiver / Termination and penalty

Any waiver must be received in writing (via e-mail). There is a penalty of 100% if the cancellation is notified within 7 (seven) working days prior to the course start date or in the event of failure to notify. In both cases, the interested party will receive the teaching material provided for the course.
For courses that involve the installation of products on dedicated machines, a cancellation amount of € 300 is applied for each scheduled day regardless of when the cancellation is notified.

Hubilia reserves the right to cancel or change the course date at any time. In this case, the participation fee will be fully returned or transferred, at the request of the company, to other initiatives. Any other form of compensation in favor of the customer by Hubilia is expressly excluded.

Venue, dates and times
Venue and Dates
The courses will be held at the Hubilia di Benevento offices. Hubilia reserves the right to change the location or the date of the courses upon notification to the interested party.

The courses in Virtual Class mode take place physically at our headquarters in Benevento or Milan in connection with the customer’s office communicated at the time of enrollment

Course timetable
Courses take place at the following times: 9.00 – 17.00.
Normally, for five-day courses, the end of the last day is set at 13.00.

Rights on Educational Material
The rights on all the teaching material delivered to customers during the Courses are exclusively reserved to the legitimate owners and are protected by copyright. This material must be used by customers in such a way as not to cause any prejudice to the aforementioned owners and its dissemination to people not enrolled in Hubilia courses is prohibited. The customer assumes all responsibility, indemnifying and keeping Hubilia harmless, in relation to any improper use of said materials and / or uses that may harm the rights of the legitimate owners.

Personal data treatment
It should be noted that the information regarding the processing of customer personal data by the Owner Hubilia S.r.l is published in the course registration form.

Business Courses
For the Company Courses requested by the individual companies, the aforementioned General Conditions are considered valid and effective only if they are compatible with the conditions that will be agreed from time to time with the individual companies through specific personalized commercial proposals.